Offering double matte drafting film (Permatrace) and associated products, including storage folders, clipboards and weatherproof field pads. 

Established for almost 40 years and still extremely passionate about archaeological drafting film. Our high-quality double matte coated drafting film, similar to Dura-lar, is dimensionally stable, tear-resistant, ghost-resistant and unaffected by temperature or humidity.


Branding is how the client perceives who you are, what you do and what values your company embraces. Improve the presentation of your draughts by having your company details and logo pre-printed on the drafting film sheet with the design of your choice. Minimum order quantities apply.


Mapping, aerospace, architectural, automotive, engineering, construction, working drawings and archival prints. Drafting film is also used as a substrate in many artistic applications such as charcoal sketching and is often referred to as Cartridge Paper.