Buy archaeological drafting film

Print Specials UK is a well-established leading supplier of high-quality, archaeological, double matte coated drafting film [also known as Permatrace] and accompanying items, including storage folders, clipboards and personal protective clothing [PPE].


Established for almost 40 years, offering Permatrace paper, sheets, rolls and drafting film to museums, universities, archaeological bodies and forensics throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe –- and as far afield as Australia. Our British-made drafting film is dimensionally stable, tear-resistant, ghost-resistant and unaffected by temperature or humidity.


Print Specials UK has grown from strength to strength over its nigh on four-decade history, and we feel that this is largely attributed to our unremitting passion and on-going commitment to providing high-quality draftsman paper products, coupled with exceptional customer service and developing long-term relationships through a culture of mutual satisfaction and trust.