Providing Drafting Film Globally


Providing Drafting Film Globally

Working with a university on the other side of the world we prodced personalised versions of the existing drafting film without having a physical sample to work with.


  • Effectively understanding client’s requirements through email only platform.
  • Due to time zone restraints [9-10 hours], the smallest of queries could take up to 24- hours to receive a reply.
  • Producing personalised version of the client’s existing drafting film without having a physical sample to work with.


  • Cross-referenced every correspondence with all involved to ensure that they were interpreted correctly. Factored-in supplementary timescale and prioritised client responses.
  • Past experience coupled with product knowledge was crucial in the success of this project.

Successfully produced and promptly delivered 500 sheets of high-quality double matte drafting film bespoke to client’s specifications.

Griffith University is a public research institution of higher education in south-east Queensland on the east coast of Australia. The university features five campuses and has a network in excess of 200,000 graduates worldwide, and is amongst the world’s top ranking 3% of universities.
The university operates the ARCHE archaeology program which is concentrated on excavating discoveries in Islands south-east Asia, a region that has yielded some of the most significant and remarkable insights into human evolution outside Africa..

The first step was to identify and fully understand our customer and their needs. Working with clients stationed in the Southern Hemisphere posed a number of adversities, therefore determining precisely what our client’s drafting film requirements were was central to the success of the transaction.
Drafting film comes in an assortment of grades and formats and is often referred to by its bygone, or alternative brand names, such as: Acetate, Dura-Lar, Mylar, Polydraw and Permatrace. Although these brands may be similar in appearance – a number of them have profoundly different properties and may not necessarily perform the same.
Establishing the precise type required was fraught given that we did not have a physical sample to model from. Additionally, determining our client’s full requirements turned out to be somewhat time-consuming due to the 9-10 hours’ time difference between Brisbane, Australia and Warrington, England.
We were hampered with not being able to speak with our client over the telephone - and having to resort to email communication only. This caused intervals of up to 24-hours for a reply to even the simplistic of queries.

Assigned a Key Account Manager [KAM] to ensure that Tachodisc meets all the essential criteria for customer satisfaction, including prompt delivery.
Suggested personalised branding – and thus presenting a business personality and distinctiveness that people can relate to.
Due to time zone restraints, customer wait time was prioritised to keep to a minimum all email response intervals.

Gave added value to customer by proposing and executing brand enhancement of product. e.g. adding their university logo to finished product.
Successfully identified all customer requirements and expectations, then tailored everything to their needs e.g. provided the goods that our customers wanted, in the packaging that they wanted, and delivered when they wanted.
Shortly after taking receipt of the drafting film, associate professor Adam Brumm embarked on a far- off fieldwork project in the jungles of Sulawesi [also known as Celebes], Indonesia.

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