What Is Drafting Film Made Of?


What Is Drafting Film Made Of?

Drafting film is a stronger, sturdier and more stable alternative to drafting paper. It can be used for technical drawings, art layout and architectural or archaeological work. It’s considerably more durable than paper with the ability to last 100s of years.

Our drafting film is matted on both sides  and made of polyethyene therepthalare with both sides coated.

Older versions of drafting film were known to degenerate as they were made from cellulose acetate, which can cause vinegar syndrome but modern versions are more robust.

Because non-etching ink does not soak in the same way it does with paper it is able to remove ink lines using an abrasive free vinyl drafting eraser or scalpel.

Polyester pencils work better than graphite as they tend not to smear. .

The film is so useful in archaeological work as drawings can be done to scale. Where as with many drawings.can expand and shrink drafting film has a more stable structure. some undimensioned drawing standards require the use of drafting film for such drawings

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