Why Use Drafting Film?


Why Use Drafting Film?

Drafting film has been used in art and technical work for decades. Its benefits over paper include....

  1. It works well in a range of conditions. The film maintains its shape far better than paper and this dimensional stability means that it doesn’t stretch out or shrink in the same way that paper will.

  2. Strength and usability.Unlike paper drafting film can be written on and erased many times. Paper tends to slowly break as erasers wear through. With drafting film it will slowly become more polished but won’t get holes in.

  3. Erasability, by using a non-pervious material the ink doesn’t soak into the material and therefore can be completely erased.

  4. It is built to last. The paper is sturdy enough to last centuries.

The benefits mean that while out in the field or working in adverse conditions drafting film can avoid a lot of the problems that people come up against while working. You can have the reassurance that the technical drawing and writing that you carry out will be of the highest quality and designed to last.

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