Chartwell Survey Collimation Book

Product Code: CSB-2426

Quick Overview

Chartwell Survey Collimation Book is a side-opening field book using 50% rag bond weather resistant paper.

Price (+VAT): £8.35

This survey level book is used to record the collimation, reduced level, and distance of surveys.

The cover is case-bound (can be folded back) and has rounded corners to save wear and tear on pockets.

The high-quality wet strength paper has sewn in sections using durable nylon binding to help withstand the most demanding of environments.

This 160 page book, is perfect when working on site. A survey level book from Chartwell has rain resistant paper and covers, along with a nylon-thread binding to keep the cover from falling away. 

The paper has a high cotton amount within it and cover has nylon thread sown in to keep the cover from coming away after being subjected to extreme weather. It's bright yellow cover means that you'll always know where it is when you need it.


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